Our apartments are located in the inner Old Town, literally 5 metres from the most enchanting Mariacka Street, with the symbol of our city, the Great Crane, being not much further away. In addition to the small distance to the major monuments of Gdansk architecture, there is a large transport junction, which is the Main Railway Station, nearby. In summer, ferry trams sail to Sopot and the Hel peninsula from the nearby harbour. The Old Town itself is close to the three main roads running to the west, south and east, which will enable you to reach our apartments easily.

Amber Town Apartments

Długie Pobrzeże 13

80-888 Gdańsk

tel. 733 867 805

tel. 733 867 807


50 1160 2202 0000 0000 5171 3611

NIP: 9570068293

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Amber is one of the symbols of Gdansk, a city crowning the antique Amber Road. The Amber Town apartments will enable you to go deep into the historic Old Town and become familiar with the amber city, which is right on the doorstep. We invite you to use our accommodation base in a tenement house precisely on the river Motlawa, the old commercial route of the Hanseatic Gdansk. Amber Town Apartments is a good location and high standard. We offer accommodation at various price ranges. Both for persons wishing to relax and those travelling on business.

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